A Quick Guide to the new Facebook Timeline for Pages

Facebook announced major changes to the design and functionality of the Facebook Pages. Similar to the Timeline on the user profiles, Facebook Pages will also get the Timline as well as other changes. Those chnages will automatically come in effect to all pages on March 30, 2012.

Visual Overview

(A) Cover Photo (851 x 315px - although no advertising or promoting allowed!) Provides a new opportunity to present your business (or more specifically your hotel). Inserted into the lower left of the Cover photo is your Profile picture.

(B) Tabs
The former left-column navigation that featured apps you added to your Page are now located at the top of the Page. And fewer tabs are displayed, down to 4 optional tabs from 5 in the old layout. You can create a custom tab image for all your apps, even for those you didn't create for all tabs EXCEPT Facebook’s own apps (111 x 74px).

(C) Apps/Custom Tabs
Custom Tabs can now be displayed at 810px this allows for more complexe and complete apps.


Facebook has rolled out several new tools that allow admins to better engage with their audience, and to customize messaging on the timeline.

Admins can no longer control where new visitors land when they come to their Facebook Page — the “default landing tab” option is gone. This marks the end of the classic fangate app!

Admins can now “pin” posts to the top of the Wall (for up to a week) in order to highlight specific content.

Highlighting or Pinning a post will change it to a full-width format, rather than half-width like most stories. This is great if you are highlighting a photo or a video because they get much more room.


Milestones are posts that highlight a moment or story in the history of your brand (or the world). You can add milestones to any point (date) in your Timeline. By default, milestones appear in the highlighted post format (wide).

Back-date your posts Back-dating is essentially creating a milestone out of any previously published post, and these stories can be more than just images and text.

We think Timeline for Pages is a great change (except for losing the default landing tab). Use the that is left before the features will be turned on automatically to preapre your page. Contact us if you need support with your Page or visit our facebook page for an example of the new Timeline Page