Have you already linked your Google Analytics Account
with your Webmaster Tools Account?

You might have noticed that within your Google Analytics account a new set of reports called "Search Engine Optimization" (1) is available. You can find the report in the new interface, under the "Traffic Sources" section. After you connect your accounts, the data becomes almost instantly available, although data from the past two days is not visible.

Queries Report

The "Queries" report lists the top 1000 queries along with the number of impressions, clicks, position and CTR (click-through rate). The average position displayed needs a bit of an explanation since some of your keywords you ranked for will display as e.g. 1.5 average position. What it means is that Google calculates the average position based on the ranking of each result returned for the given keyword. Here is an example from Google's Webmaster Help: "To calculate average position, we take into account the ranking of your site for a particular query (for example, if a query returns your site as the #1 and #2 result, then the average position would be 1.5)."

Finding Optimization Opportunities

Using the advanced filters you can discover optimization opportunities such as e.g. queries you rank for but but are not #1 or #2. These are interesting keywords. Since these queries already send you visits, a gain in rankings could lead to a big gain in traffic. Not all keywords should be optimized - it is important to keep your conversions based on those keywords in mind.

Focusing on the standard search results, we first add the "Secondary dimension" - "Google Property". Then go to the advanced filter and search for the following.

Landing Pages Report

The Landing Pages report shows how many times your top landing pages were shown in search results, as well as the number of clicks on those landing pages. The report gives you a brief overview on the search visibility of your site- but since it doesn't show the search queries performed it is not as useful as the other reports.

Geographical Summary

The Geographical report shows you impressions and click-through rates by country using the secondary dimensions and the advanced filtering functionality you can focus on the various Google properties (e.g. image search, web search). This report is useful to get a better understanding of how your site performs in different countries.