Is your Website multilingual?

A single language website is not sufficient if you target the european market. A new EU-wide survey shows that 90 percent of Internet users prefer to surf online in their own language. Mirroring our experience throughout various eCommerce projects and Hotel portals.

A new study released by Eurobarometer of the European Commission questioned a total of 13 500 people accross the 27 EU member states. One of the survey's findings is that 48 percent of those interviewd use English "occasionally" online- making it still the lingua franca.

What does this mean for eCommerce?

If you look closer the study shows that only 18% of the EU Internet users surveyed said that they buy online in languages besides their own. 42% never buy in a language other than their own. Depending on the countries this number varies.

You might be missing out on almost 50% of potential buyers on your website. It's time to review your strategy on multi language websites.

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