Custom Web Projects

Mobile Loyalty Cards

A unique bar code, stored on an iPhone, can serve as your hotel guest’s loyalty card, allowing you to know and understand your guests better. You’ll naturally be able to track precisely when and at which hotel a guest says, but this system allows you to go well beyond a normal guest history program. 

You will also be able to track use of hotel services that are not charged to the room by simply scanning the guest’s electronic loyalty card (while awarding points or a discount). The system can naturally function across an entire hotel chain. 

Guests can also use it as a form of payment if they store necessary payment details in their account. It can even be setup to function as a corporate billing system for larger companies. Such a system if far better than the old loyalty programs and all you need is a 2D scanner and a bar code system.

Workmatrix can help you install such a system, while integrating it into your website and booking process.