Online Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Parallel to the SEO Programe we offer Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which helps you boots the visibility of your hotel offers and services on the Internet.

While SEO is focused on improving the positioning of your hotel website in the organic listing of search engines, Search Engine Marketing focuses on expanding the reach and presence of your brand online and to target customers across a wider range of keywords and searches.

SEM usually works through pay-per-click or PPC campaigns, which means you pay for each click on your adword banner. An effective Search Engine Marketing Strategy and a tight control over your budget allows you to attract quality traffic with a high conversion rate. Ongoing monitoring and improving the keyword positioning and budget allows hotels and travel or tourism websites to create highly effective marketing campaigns.

Workmatrix's team of online marketing experts are developing long tail keyword strategies that go beyong the obvious and expensive "HOTELNAME + CITY" or "HOTEL + CITY" searches. Long tail keywords are, usually multi-word search queries, that your customers use to search for hotels. Adding long-tail keywords to your strategy will allow you to reduce the costs and increase the conversion rates of your SEM campaigns.

Full Search Engine Marketing Service

Workmatrix's online marketing experts will helpdo more than get campaigns off the ground and manage budgets. We also optimise ad placements in order to increase the revenue with the same budget over time.

  • Keyword development 
  • Long-Tail keyword strategy 
  • Campaign-Setup and monitoring 
  • Landing-Page optimization