Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites and Reservations

Consumers use more than their PCs and laptops to access the internet. Since the introduction of the iPhone and other “smart” phones, the mobile web has become an increasingly important channel for hotel and travel portal reservations. Google even has a specific search engine for mobile websites.

For consumers to visit your website, or book your hotel directly from their mobile 
phone, you need a specialized website. Not only are the screens of mobiles and smart phones much smaller than PC screens, the ways in which the user interacts with the website are entirely different. So it is time to check that you are ready for the mobile age. 

Workmatrix Travel can help you ensure that your site can be used and booked from all leading telephones. We help clients develop special mobile hotel websites and iPhone applications for hotels, hotel groups, or travel portals. In so doing, we can help you claim a larger share of “on-the-go” reservations.